Kallia Kambouridou
Founder & C.E.O.

She was born and raised in Cyprus in a home that nurtured love for education, family values and perseverance. She holds a Business Economics degree with honors from Brown University in the US and a Master’s degree in Public Administration in International Development (MPAID) from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Upon her return to Athens from the U.S., she joined McKinsey & Company as a consultant, working in strategy, marketing and operations functions in banking, energy and pharmaceuticals.

In 2003 she decided to leave the corporate world and try her luck as an entrepreneur, founding IT S.A. , a high-end, healthy food chain. In 2013 she opened her first full-service restaurant in Kolonaki followed by two more restaurant locations and a catering facility.

She is a mother of two and a healthy food junky! Her motto is: “I can and I will”


The IT people


Marketing Coordinator

  • Favorite color: black
  • Favorite smell: cinnamon
  • Favorite IT dish: quinoa with marinated shrimps
  • Favorite flavor: bittersweet
  • Favorite habit: discovering new music


Manager IT Restaurant

  • Favorite color: gray
  • Favorite smell: home
  • Favorite IT dish: steak salad
  • Favorite flavor: salty
  • Favorite habit: drinking coffee



  • Favorite color: orange
  • Favorite smell: cardamon
  • Favorite IT dish: Salmon fillet with black rice edamame and citrus vinaigrette from Kalamansi
  • Favorite flavor: salty
  • Favorite habit: discovering new recipes


Manager CANAL Cafe

  • Favorite color: white
  • Favorite smell: woods
  • Favorite habit: exercise